EL Gresham partners with Mount Street to deliver Clareti Loan Control

  • John Channing
  • May 05, 2020

EL New solution developed with leading loan servicer to disrupt complex debt servicing technology marketNew solution developed with leading loan servicer to disrupt complex debt servicing technology marketLondon, 5 October 2016 – Gresham, a leading provider of real-time financial transaction control and enterprise data integrity solutions, and Mount Street, a leading European commercial real estate loan servicer, today bring Clareti Loan Control to the market. The solution has been developed alongside Mount Street to drive efficiencies, accuracy and cost savings for its clients.

Clareti Loan Control, developed on the Clareti-as-a-Service cloud platform, offers superior data management, rich business process support and integrated reporting functionality. In a highly competitive commercial lending market, this ability to process complex loan structures quickly and correctly is crucial.

The solution handles different loan types and automatically generates rate setting notices, interest advice, payment instructions, audit responses and invoices. This combination allows the team at Mount Street to process more loans, delivering superior service and cost efficiencies to its customers.

Key differentiators include:

  • Scenario testing – add and remove properties and tenants, restructure leases, forecast capital expenditure and carry out income, expenditure and recovery analysis with accuracy
  • Cash distribution – customise cash distribution waterfalls that mirror underlying documentation to ensure the timely and accurate flow of funds
  • Compliance – covenant monitoring is pre-programmed at the onset and automatically tracked throughout the life of the loan
  • Data complexity – accommodates loan sales, syndications, interest rate amendments, maturity extensions, standstills and payment date alternations easily and without the need for manual intervention
  • Analysis and reporting – automated bespoke reporting capabilities gives Mount Street’s clients a best-in-class risk management tool
  • By supporting their complete end to end business processes, Clareti Loan Control enables Mount Street’s team of asset managers to increase their loan count by more than 50% by driving efficiencies and cost savings. This means they have more time to focus on client relationships and portfolio optimisation.

Ian Manocha, CEO, Gresham, comments, “Complex debt servicing processes within banks and 3rd party servicers such as Mount Street are not well supported by packaged software solutions and the barriers for new IT solutions to enter the market are high.“Teaming up with Mount Street, who bring unparalleled real estate and debt management expertise, and leveraging Gresham’s award-winning platform and agile software development expertise has enabled us to create a class leading application that has the potential to transform the loan servicing market. This is a significant step forward for the servicing industry”.

Ravi Joseph , CEO, Mount Street, comments, “Our experience and research confirmed that there was nothing available on the market that would enable us to make a step change in service quality and process productivity. Gresham shared our vision for technology enabled transformation of the industry and together we have delivered a solution that will enable us to manage a variety of loans, from single asset deals to large complex transactions, as well as entire performing and non-performing loan portfolios. This partnership is a differentiator for Mount Street in the competitive 3rd party servicing market”.