Real Estate Capital Europe (Winter Issue) – Keynote Interview Analysis with Paul Lloyd: More Lending, but expect more distress in 2024

  • Leo Jesus
  • December 12, 2023

Paul Lloyd, CEO of loan servicer Mount Street, appraises the faltering performance of the European real estate finance market in 2023 and predicts a mixed picture next year.

Founded 10 years ago, loan servicing firm Mount Street manages around €130 billion of loan facilities, a figure that is set to rise to €150 billion by the end of the year, some 60 percent of which is in the real estate sector. The business employs 210 people, operating out of 10 offices in Europe, the US and Australia. As such, it has visibility of a significant slice of the real estate lending market.

“We have a broad understanding of the various real estate sectors and jurisdictions, both from a borrower and lender perspective,” says chief executive officer Paul Lloyd. “We are a partner for our clients, an arms-length

version of themselves, managing problems for them as they arise, which puts us in a position to appreciate the risks that real estate lenders face in an uncertain market environment.”

Lloyd shared his assessment of the performance of the European lending market in 2023, and its prospects for recovery in the coming year.


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