Street View – An Alternative for Alternatives #5 by Ingo Wichelhaus

  • John Channing
  • September 07, 2021

Alternative Assets are a fast-growing investment class for nearly every institutional investor in the world. This includes Infrastructure and Renewable Debt, Private Corporate Debt, Aircraft (or Ship) Finance, and many others. This development will accelerate due to the high demand for alternative financing away from the banking space (with banks possibly providing additional leverage) and the need for institutional money to achieve the required yields to match the liability side of their balance sheets, i.e., pension and insurance liabilities.

Most of these investors, having entered the markets, are investing via funds or fund of funds, keeping them a mile away from the risk managed by the fund managers which, in turn, need their fee layers to manage the asset risk on behalf of their investors. In addition, the investors can hardly influence the investment decisions of funds, especially in fund of funds structures.

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