James Buncle

General Counsel

James Buncle is the General Counsel for the Mount Street group and has responsibility for all legal, compliance, and risk functions within the firm. In addition to his role as General Counsel, James is also a member of the Mount Street Group board, and a member of the Supervisory Board of Mount Street Portfolio Advisers.

Since joining Mount Street in 2014 James has been heavily involved in the firm’s growth across both product areas and jurisdictions, seeing the Mount Street group grow from a start-up into the pre-eminent international third party provider of loan servicing and financial solutions to the credit and asset markets. Prior to joining Mount Street James was a member of the Banking and Finance team at a leading international US law firm, having previously worked in the Paris office of a major international law firm. James has extensive experience assisting loan servicers, trustees, banks and borrowers on structured finance as well as mainstream lending, ranging from bilateral and syndicated facilities to transactions involving highly complex vehicles, structures and financing techniques.